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Teaching Salon

To help young teachers enhance their teaching abilities and provide a platform for teachers to share their teaching experience, College English No.2 Department conducted a teaching salon on November 14th. Zeng Guanghu and Rao Jihong, two teachers with rich teaching experience, were invited to share their ideas of teaching.


Mr. Zeng gave us a profound lecture on how to teach passive voice in writing class, including the relationship between long & short sentences and how to make a speech. He also mentioned students’concerns and their common mistakes in English to highlight the cultural and language differences between Chinese and English. His idea of teaching can not only stimulate students' initiative of learning, but also improve students’abilities in speaking and writing.

Ms. Rao gave us a lecture on unit 4 of English Listening and Speaking course. In order to improve students’ speaking skills, she shared with us some effective classroom activities, such as free talk and imitation technique. The classroom activities effectively transform teacher-centered class to student-centered class, arousing students' interest in learning.


After the lectures, all the teachers had a long and heated discussion on the nature & function of English courses, teaching difficulties, teaching objectives, and teaching methods.This teaching salon was a very successful event. It gave teachers an opportunity to share ideas with each other, explore new and effective ways of teaching, and also look for ways to stimulate students’ creative and critical thinking skills. (Translator: Wan Yuwei)