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Professor Wang Yan from Sichuan International Studies University Came to Give Lecture

In the April 22 afternoon, Professor Wang Yan from Foreign Language Research Center of Sichuan International Studies University , the deputy chairman of Chinese Cognitive Linguistics Research Institution was invited to have a lecture titled Applied Cognitive linguistics: Theory and Practice for the Faculty and Students of Foreign Languages

At the beginning, with a farsighted view and from the history of western philosophy over 2000 years, Professor Wang summarized two techniques the emotionalism and the rationalism respectively to exploring the truth, and also put forward that non-objectivism is the cutting edge of modern philosophy while the radical humanism is another extreme of western philosophy.

Lately, Professor Wang introduced Ebodied Philosophy, the philosophy base of cognitive philosophy, and by some vivid illustrations, three ground rules of ebodied philosophy exposed: the embodied mind, the cognitive unconsciousness, and metaphorical thought. Accordingly, professor Wang proposed SOS a new mode of understanding, meaning is equal to the concept of experience, language is a humanized language. Those views are distinct from that of structural linguistics, which broaden people’s thinking and viewing about language.

In the end, Professor Wang stated cognitive linguistics impacts on English teaching from four perspectives: language formation and comprehension from personal life experience and social situation, the combination of iconicity principle with language teaching, the explanation of language from variable level with embodied cognitive perspective, the introdction of congnitve learning method of English morpheme constructing words at the base of distance iconicity.

With profound knowledge both in western and Chinese, his lucid and fascinating presentation brought down the house from time to time. In this more than two hour’s lecture, not only did all the faculty and students are amazed by his great knowledge, lucid analysis and witty explanation, but also they are enlightened in the way how to employ cognitive linguistic theory to improve teaching results.